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EBCA Coach Webinar video now available

The 1st and 2nd webinar videos are now available for EBCA Members
Mon 22 March 2021 - By: Staff

We\'ve had two great webinars in the EBCA Coach Webinar Series 2021 so far. The first, with catching expert Jerry Weinstein, was free for all - so also non EBCA member could attend. Our second webinar, Perry Husband gave his expert insights into hitting and how to approach this from both mental and physical side.
If you didn\'t attend, or just want to view the webinar again, their complete videos are now online available (for EBCA members and attendees only). Some of the video of the webinar with Jerry Weinstein wasn\'t as good as we hoped, so we edited the available HD footage into the video. To the webinar with Perry Husband, we even added an extra Q&A, which wasn\'t handled during the live webinar.
Most of you will have received a personal mail with a link to YouTube and a notification which mail address to use to get access. If not, or if you lost that mail, EBCA member can now easily access their video through the Member Area on our website: https://www.baseball-in-europe.com/members/
You can also see your attendance to the webinar, in order to obtain an EBCA Certificate of Participation. These certificates will also be available, after the last webinar of our EBCA Coach Webinar Series 2021 (after July 5th). We will add a new feature to our Member Area on the website, so you can download your own certificate. With a special code on the certificate or by scanning the QR-code on the certificate, any official institution will be able verify it\'s authenticity.
As an EBCA member, be sure to catch our next webinar on Monday April 5th (Easter Monday) with Dave Turgeon (IMG Baseball). The webinar starts at 20h00 CET.

EBCA Coach Webinar video now available - EBCA